Affordable, comfortable beach house community in Fiji, in the making…
Life in tropical paradise will be made very easy, very soon.

Why to choose Fiji? Fiji is such a small word for such a grand place. We say Fiji rapidly three times when speaking about these islands for they deserve the larger attention. Fiji is actually quite large when comparing South Pacific island groups. Fiji is about perfect for visiting and even better for residing, as so many of us are experiencing who live here.

South seas Turtle

Affordable Off-Gridhomesin paradise, on the beach!

Living overseas in South Pacific

To get right to the critical core of this message; if you have $50,000 USDto spend on a new home and some income to live on, like Social Security, savings or pension income, you can hop on a plane and fly to Fijito start your new life.  In this tropical paradise of Fiji your dollars are doubled at the going exchange rate and your purchasing power is tripled with savings on food and services. Even healthcare is virtually free, if you can imagine that.

You can order the latest in innovative homes made from converted shipping containers and have your new home sited in the newly forming beachfront village called “Park Place” for just $200 per month.  The location is on the beach in the expat popular Savusavu area on Vanua Levu Island. Vanua Levu is the second largest island in the democratic Republic of Fiji.  Here you will find it all and the cost of living is remarkably low.  You can live very well on just $1000 USD per month in Fiji, especially in Park Place where you can have your own garden and share in the community garden as well. You can check those cost of living statistics out by Googling “living in Fiji.”  In fact, so much is written about Fiji online, much of your research can be done right there. 

The facilitators of “Park Place” have made it happen for anyone with just $50,000 USD who wish to live in a dream come true community by the sea. The $50,000, or $49,800 actually, is the cost of the most popular one bedroom “Itinerant” homewith about 450 square feet of living space. That $50,000 USD sum is also your minimum investment requirement to deposit in Fiji in order to get your residency visa/permit to reside in this wonderland.  Which, BTW your residency is facilitated for you with a purchase of your new home.  In fact, all you need to do is to just pay for your tickets to get to Fiji, which from the USA should be less than $1300, and any of the relatively insignificant government fees required in the securing of your residency visa. Buying the pictured Eagle II home qualifies you for your residency visa.

There are 4 sizes of “Itinerant” homes, dubbed that name to render a little class to what is actually a customized alteration of what started out in the form of exceedingly strong steel framework as a shipping container. Shipping containers can be stacked twelve high as testimony of their strength.  Try that with a conventional home.  Today the trend is towards “tiny homes,” a sensible trend worldwide to trade off supporting a big house in favour of the freedom of more time and money for you.  Particularly aproposin the tropics where you are living on your veranda deck more than inside, which indoors seems more for sleeping and cooking.

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