Affordable, comfortable beach house community in Fiji, in the making…
Life in tropical paradise will be made very easy, very soon.

Why to choose Fiji? Fiji is such a small word for such a grand place. We say Fiji rapidly three times when speaking about these islands for they deserve the larger attention. Fiji is actually quite large when comparing South Pacific island groups. Fiji is about perfect for visiting and even better for residing, as so many of us are experiencing who live here.

South seas Turtle

This is the ultimate off grid dream come true—safely way off the grid!

Eagle II

$49,950 USD

Tiny Homes Eagle 2 Fiji South Pacific

Tiny homes Eagle 2 South Pacific Real Estate

Eagle II with optional attic roof, add $8,500 USD


Tiny Homes Eagle 2 Fiji South Pacific

measurements in millimetres

Tiny Homes Eagle 2 Fiji South Pacific

Cargo container homes can be set on any levelled surface, using blocks or timber/wood.


Total square footage: 696 square feet include deck area

Home is 24’ X 20’ under roof, 440 sqft (40.9sm) under roof   Deck is 23.8sm (256sf)


Base floor is constructed of Marine-grade 1.5″ plywood with bearing pressure of 16,000 lbs. per 100 square feet overlaid with 6mm cement board and 11.8 x 11.8 inch floor tiles in off white colour.

Floors in the extensions are base steel plate corrugated overlaid with 16mm plywood sheets sealed and varnished.

Outside walls of extensions: 10 studs with steel hinges to the steel floor base. Inside plywood sheets sealed and varnished. Outside tropical Fijian pine weather board varnished.

Windows louvre frames 104cm x 60cm with each 6 anti-glare coloured glass blades.

Ceiling Plywood painted white colour.

Electrical system

1 X Mobile phone charger

6 X 3W LED Lights for 6 Hrs/Day   (Daily 6pm-12.00am)

(1 X 12V Pressure pump 12.5L/min)

1 X 100W Solar Module ( 25 years Output warranty)

1 set of Roof Mounting structure for Solar Modules

1 X 10A Charge Controller (2 years warranty)

1 X 12V 100 Ah Sealed Battery (2 years warranty)

6 X 3W 12/24V LED Lights (Life  span 50,000 Hrs)

1 X Mobile Charging adaptor/Charger

Set of cables/switches/clips

Front Entrance door is a 120 cm x 190 cm foot aluminium frame with 5mm glass double door with active door with entrance lock – opposite door is functional with locking pin.

Bath room door solid plywood panel with privacy lock set for bath painted in white.

Wood trim standard 7cm for floor base, doors, and windows.


Cabinets lower 240cm with 2 panel doors and 5 drawers and shelfs ,upper 3 panel doors and shelves.

Sink:  Stainless steel single compartment sink.

Faucet: hot and cold single lever chrome

Appliances: Four burner gas cooking stove with oven. 55cm X 55cm approx..

Bathroom Details

Bathroom has a state of the art odour free MODEL  SKU CM2  compost toilet.     

Tiny homes toilet Fiji South Pacific

CAPACITY: 2 people with normal full time use or 4 people part time. More compost chamber can be purchased to increase capacity usage.


DIMENSIONS: Height = 50cm Width = 39.5cm Depth = 62cm


MATERIALS: Pedestal and compost chambers are polyethylene rotor-moulded. All metal components are stainless steel.

Sink top unit with pedestal.

Faucet Standard nickel finished with hot/cold water selectors.

Wall mounted mirror 50cm x 70cm using six permanent fasteners.

Shower 90cm x 90cm one side clear glass wall with aluminium frame 100cm x 180cm

Lights LED above the mirror.

Chrome towel holders and toilet roll holder             

Gas water heater including gas tank

Water supply from external water tank with 132 US gallon capacity and pressure activated 12v water pump.


Deck extensions for each section 120cm X 240cm (4’ X 8’)  $ 450 USD per section, plus installation.    

Door safety glass add USD $240

Water tanks, larger capacity water tanks available from local suppliers.

Furniture Options

The home comes unfurnished allowing you free choice of selecting your own furnishings from any supplier.  However, due to space considerations, only specifically designed certain furniture items will fit properly.  These items are noted and made available in choices directly from the home manufacturer. 

Dining set: table 100cm X 70cm glass top with 3 chairs.- $300 USD 

Settee/Couch 140cm X 70cm upholstered - $250.- USD

Coffee table 90cm X 40cm glass top - $190 USD

King size Bed 180cm X 190 cm with 290cm x 190cm, 10cm foam matrass covered with

floral cotton material. Frame 38cm high provides lots of additional storage under the bed.

Over the head part of the bed is a built in cupboard 310cm x 235cm x 40cm deep with 7

panel doors and 2 shelves with built in reading lights a vanity table with mirror. $ 2850

Storage cabinet for entrance area 150cm x 235cm by 50cm deep with 4 panel doors in the

middle with a mirror and shelves. $ 1150 USD

Water tanks, larger capacity water tanks available from local suppliers.

Tiny-Homes Toilet Fiji South Pacific

Compost toilet upgrade, SKU 00009  AU$ 1620.-plus transport & duty.

(This Model will need an upgrade of the solar system as well as the power consumption is higher.)

CAPACITY: 3 people with normal use full time, 4 people part time

ELECTRICAL RATING:240V 320W max heater 250W mixer motor 45W fan motor 25W

DIMENSIONS: Height-68cm, Width-55cm, Depth-74cm

FLOORSPACE REQUIRED: 55cm x 135cm (includes space for removable tray to slide out)

MATERIALS: Outer casing of ABS Plastic. Metal components of Stainless Steel.

Power Usage: 320W - Fully automatic; heater, mixer and ventilation fan (240V)

The Ecolet Automatic is a fully automatic waterless toilet system. The benefit of the fully automatic system is there is no risk that mixing is forgotten by children or visiting guests – this happens automatically when the lid is lowered.

The Ecolet Automatic will happily work for 3 people full time or 4 people part time, so it’s great for couples and small families.  This composting toilet system is the ideal alternative toilet to a typical ‘plumbed in’ loo. The EcoLet comes with a convenient chamber screen, so the inner compost chamber is not visible when the toilet is not in use.

Benefits of a composting toilet system are: No smell.  Saves water. Recycles nutrients.

The EcoLet Automatic is certified to Australian & New Zealand Standard 1546.2. In addition, it is also approved in QLD, NSW, VIC, ACT, NT, WA and TAS.

Solar power system upgrade:  See RES equipment price sheet.

Specifications subject to change due to availability

Delivery is FOB Factory in Suva Fiji

Delivery and installation costs vary with location and terrain.   

Got questions? Just ask.