Affordable, comfortable beach house community in Fiji, in the making…
Life in tropical paradise will be made very easy, very soon.

Why to choose Fiji? Fiji is such a small word for such a grand place. We say Fiji rapidly three times when speaking about these islands for they deserve the larger attention. Fiji is actually quite large when comparing South Pacific island groups. Fiji is about perfect for visiting and even better for residing, as so many of us are experiencing who live here.

South seas Turtle

This is the ultimate off grid dream come true—safely way off the grid!

Affordable, comfortable beach house community in Fiji

Look what we have for you!

In a time when “tiny” homes are becoming popular, we offer larger than tiny at tiny prices—and a lovely place by the sea to put them.  

Affordable, comfortable beach house community in Fiji, ready to roll…

In our effort to get the first beach house village formed the offer for March is; order a home now with just $1000 down and you will get free delivery and installation, which is worth up to $3,800.   

This is the ultimate off grid dream come true—safely away from the crumbling empires!

Life in tropical paradise is ready for you now. 

Picture this premiere beach location as yours to live on in your comfy beach house.

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

We have made arrangements with a building manufacturer to make small affordable beach houses for people who would like to experience what everyone at one time or another has coveted, life on the beach in paradise.  

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

 The offer to buy a house like this one and live on this property (or up the hill with a view of the beach below) can cost less than $50,000 USD, which is the minimum investment requirement to qualify to reside in Fiji full time.  There is also a monthly charge of about $220 for the maintenance of the area, roads and other services.    

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

Or this home below for just $29,900 USD

Container homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

This purchase will also include ALL you need in the way of getting your residential “Assured Income” residency visa. Retired Immigration officer is on retainer to handle everyone’s paperwork who wants to live in this paradise near the famous “Savusavu Town”, the popular expat community in Fiji.

As well, this purchase includes free membership (with no monthly fees) in the Savusavu Yacht Club.  Here, you will make friends on your first day.  The islands and beaches up and down the coast that sit within the reef protected waters before you, beckons you to get a kayak and enjoy its white sand beaches.

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

The Double Eagle with 662 square feet of living space $69,900, above.

(1000 sq feet available under $100,000)

Even the best travel arrangements to get to Fiji have been worked out.  All anyone has to do is just pay for the tickets.  One way flights work too.

Now, what’s really interesting about the homes are—they’re moveable/transportable. Yes, each of the models can actually be taken down into its original state as a cargo container and be moved to wherever you may wish to relocate it.  Yet, the homes can be solidly affixed such that not much could move them unless you wanted it to. 

The homes are a typical beach house size, most with about 450-800 square feet of living space, adequate for most couples, plus decking. Larger and smaller homes are also available.

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

Considering life in the tropics is more about being outside, some homes in these Fiji islands have only one or two walls under roof.  You will never need a heater, nor even air conditioning on the waterfront, because the trade wind sea breezes maintain comfortable temperatures year round.  Of course, you can have A/C or anything you want, it’s up to you.

Tiny homes for sale in Fiji, South Pacific

Are you one of us?  Let us know with an expression of interest.

Retiring or thinking you have to go back to work—think again.

We have the answer.

I suspect that there are a large number of retired or retiring people around the world that have $50,000 USD or equivalent and a pension/social security income that would love to move to Fiji and live affluently as a legal resident in paradise on the beach (or up the hill). To many people this would truly be a dream come true. 

This is your dream come true offer:

"If you have $50,000 USD and an income from pension or Social Security, you can qualify for residency in Fiji. With this investment you can buy a new home and live on the beach in an expat community. In Fiji you can breathe in fresh air, eat fresh food, live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of a FREE HEALTHCARE system."     

The cost of living in our homelands is prohibitively high for those on a retirement income. People on Social Security or pensions back home find that they are financially way below “par” when it comes to retiring, so they have to keep working. If you could afford to move to a country where “par” was much lower, you could live much better. You could fish when you wanted to, swim, snorkel, watch sunsets and stay up late with friends because you finally don’t have to go to work in the morning.   

Taking the case of beautiful Fiji where “par” is set by the purchasing power of an average worker earning an hourly wage under $2.50 USD.  This pricing scale for locals tends to keep the cost of local food, products, restaurants and services very low or the local people couldn’t afford to live well.  If you can live in Fiji on less than $450 USD per month, imagine how well you can live on three times that.

We’ve created that dream come true for you. The key to making this offer possible is the moveability of the homes. The five transportable home choices we offer (from $19,900) can be personally owned and situated in small communities on premium beachfront land—property that otherwise would cost, as advertised, over $200,000 USD. Land has been set aside for the establishment of these communities. You only need to buy the home, not the land, but you can use the land like it was yours. Buying the moveable home allows, you the home owner, the option of moving the home anytime to anywhere you might prefer as property for this purpose become more available.  

Of course one can buy land in Fiji, own it and have a home built.  If you go that way the law in Fiji requires a foreigner to build a minimum home costing $250,000FJD and within two years of the land purchase.  If you want to live on the beach, then add about $225,000USD for the cost of the land together with the house and you will have $350,000USD invested.  Fine if you have it and want to spend that much on your home and waterfront site.  The more affordable way with the same setting would be to buy a moveable (legally transportable) home for under $50,000USD safely secured on the beach for $220 per month, includes services. 

Got questions? Just ask.