Beach Houses Savusavu Fiji

Sometimes things are really not too good to be true. And that certainly applies to the new community forming on the long white sand beach in this expat popular area in Fiji.

The concept of the offer achieves solutions in living that some might never think of nor expect when considering investing in a home, anywhere on Earth.

The first gift is the location for living, starting with the natural ambiance of a classic tropical setting each one forth acre is studded with coconut palms and a 3.5km long white sand beach.

Savusavu Fiji Beach Houses

There is a protective reef out one mile that keeps a calm blue lagoon within for safe swimming, snorkelling and kayaking; that describes your new homeland.

The next attraction might be this Robinson Crusoe setting is just a few minutes’ (4 miles) drive or $4 taxi ride to the thriving ex-pat popular town of Savusavu where you will find all your supplies, groceries, fresh fruit and veggies, restaurants and even a yacht club.

The low cost of the land is a big part of the economy in this investment. Instead of handing out $100,000 plus USD for beach land, a small payment of $220 USD per month secures the beachfront land.  The beach houses are priced from $49,000 USD and can be made into one, two or three bedroom houses with large decks and 20’ by 20’ living room areas.

At these costs; according to Google, we have the only beach houses in the world that are for sale at under $50,000 USD. Imagine that! Check it out.

The quarter acre beach lot choices are all priced at just $220 USD per month and this monthly cost not only includes the land, as well the necessary services of free water, septic, taxes, roads and common grounds maintenance, and beach cleaning. 

For investment purposes it is important to know that there are absolutely no beach houses for rent anywhere in this area near Savusavu, except at the very high-priced resorts.

That introduces another interesting option for one to consider. The income producing capability of one of these homes when rented out to tourists as a simple beach house rental, by the week or month, or even by the year, can be a considerable income. The statistics for estimating this income potential are from the actual renting of the one bed beach house “Eagle,” which brought in $1200 to $1800 USD per month when rented at just $68 per day.  The prices they are getting at the resort on the same beach are that much per day, and more. We have concluded we can get more too.  Up the coast 10 kilometers in the other direction they get about the same $1000 plus per day and don’t really have beaches like this one. What if you could earn just half that price per day?  

Or to be real conservative, half of half that price per day; right there you have an income that requires little work or can be managed for you and yet is a very high yield from your investment - renting your beach house out could pay for itself in one year. Try that with any investment on the market. This is possible in Fiji because of the unique situation of this location. If one rental home pays well; why not two and if two work; why not three? The sky’s the limit, see? 

You can have this income and ownership of the beach house and not even live in Fiji. There is a management service to keep your beach house rented. The income can go straight to you. So, what else in this heavenly offer is part and parcel? If you have settled on Fiji as your next place to live or to invest in, you need to know the residential land laws. In about every land offer BUT NOT THIS ONE - this one is exempt; if you are a foreigner and you buy residential freehold land, you have two years to build a minimum $250,000 FJD home, or be fined 10% of the land cost every 6 months. Let’s say you wanted less than a half-acre of beach property in the Savusavu area.

First of all, the only real beach front land for sale in that lot size is 12 km from town and costs over $200,000 USD. When you add the required minimum home construction costs, you have over $300,000 USD invested. Using the conventional home method as a rental with this land purchase investment requires a lot longer time for a payback. More on the offer at large; because the land cost is a negligible $220 USD per month, you conserve capital which also mitigates risk and you save on the loss of interest or return on that large capital sum for land acquisition. Again, the monthly includes the land, tax, water, septic, rubbish removal, maintenance of public roads and area, and beach cleaning. These expenses you would have to attend to if you owned the land outright. The offer for the land is low-cost because it is lease land, which the government of Fiji via the Land Trust Board has leased for 99-years for this purpose of offering it on a monthly rental basis for fixed rate long terms or just ongoing month to month.

And, the land is beautiful, and the water is warm. The reason the land cost is so inexpensive is because you just use it, not buy it. It is the use of it that can allow you to live there and or generate income, like you owned it, but without the financial commitment of ownership and conditions that go with. You can own your home or homes on this beach because the homes are legally considered “non-permanent” or moveable/transportable, which they essentially are, yet one wouldn’t necessarily know that by looking or living in them. The beach houses are extremely strong with their core frameworks made from weatherized Cor-Ten steel, which are actually repurposed shipping containers that are environmentally sealed and clad inside and out with wood or materials chosen by the home buyer. Lots of windows and insulated, these beach houses are practically indestructible and cool; originally built to be able to be stacked 10 high as evidence of their superior strength. Yet, they can be designed to appear delicate, comfortable and ever so inviting.

The advantages of this concept of putting you the buyer in permanent control over your investment is new to Fiji, but is a proven concept in other parts of the world. This moveability feature allows you to move your house at will and anytime you wish to, anywhere you may choose to relocate it, and there are other location options with more to come. The homes are designed such that you can hire a “side-lifter” truck that moves containers and have these homes taken to your destination. Now, if you don’t like your neighbor, or something moves in that doesn’t suit you, you have the freedom of being able to relocate at will. Try that with land you purchased. When looking at this offer as purely an investment, you might see it like you would leasing equipment to make a profit. The rental beach houses are yours; you own them but the land you rent. The land serves as just the catalyst that enables you to live there without the cost of purchasing and or allows rental income to flow to you from the beach house; the beach house being the actual source of the monetary proceeds. That income is dependent upon the size and type of home you have made for you. The land is the attraction to that home, like the flower is to the bee that goes for the pollen; the home is the pollen and is what actually brings in the revenue, not the flower. For more on this offer, the homes, how they are made and costs, just ask. Meanwhile, in our off hours we will be counting shooting stars and telling stories while lounging by the bonfire on the beach.

Come on down!

Robert Bryce